MOMA - Department of Molecular Medicine

Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University, Denmark

Work at MOMA

Modern labs with state-of-the art equipment, spacious offices, comitted and inspiring coworkers, clinical and international collaborations

MOMA Social Life

Fellow students, science club, board games, running club, disc golf, table football, parties, cake and Danish hygge!


dyrskjøt group
bladder cancer
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Lindbjerg Group
colorectal cancer
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Sørensen group
prostate cancer
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gravholt group
medical research
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skou Pedersen Group
computational genomics & transcriptomics
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Birkbak Group
cancer evolution
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Besenbacher Group
computational genomics
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Normfinder Software

Determine the optimal normalization gene

NormFinder is an algorithm for identifying the optimal normalization gene among a set of candidates. It ranks the set of candidate normalization genes according to their expression stability in a given sample...

Software Collection

Published software for DNA, RNA and sequencing data

Take a look at our different pieces of software...