At MOMA's advanced laboratory, we are specialized in providing top-quality solutions across a wide range of technologies. Our team of skilled and experienced bioanalysts and laboratory technicians are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, with each member of our team accredited and fully trained to utilize the latest equipment and technologies.

Advanced laboratory technologies

At MOMA, we prioritize optimization and digitization to ensure the highest level of efficiency. We specialize in a variety of sequencing applications, these include:

  • Gene panels, Whole exome and Whole Genome sequencing, RNA-seq and ctDNA analysis on NovaSeq 6000
  • Microbial analysis on MiSeq
  • Development of novel methodologies and protocols within long read sequencing using Nanopore Promethion
  • Single cell sequencing using 10x and spatial transcriptomics on Nanostring GeoMX
  • Sanger DNA sequencing and small to medium scale fragment analysis service (MLPA) using an ABI3730XL DNA Analyzer

Our laboratory has a strong commitment to cancer research, and we perform droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) using the QX200 Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) system, providing absolute quantification of target DNA molecules.


Lone Hedegaard

Biomedical Laboratory Manager


At MOMA, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and regularly update our equipment to ensure that our lab remains at the forefront of technological advancement. We welcome collaboration and project proposals and invite you to explore our comprehensive list of current equipment:


Illumina: NovaSeq 6000, MiSeq

Applied Biosystems: 3500XL Genetic Analyzer

Oxford Nanopore: MinION, PromethION

Nanostring: GeoMx

10xGenomics: Chromium

NovaSeq 6000

DNA & RNA extraction

Qiagen: Qiasymphony

Qiagen: QiaCube Connect

Qiagen: QIAvac systems

Covaris: E220evolution DNA shearing

Covaris: CryoPREP Extraction System


Quantitation & Quality Control

Agilent: Tapestation 4200

ThermoFisher: Qubit 3 fluorometer

BioTek/Agilent: Synergy LX Platereader

UVP: DigiDoc and ChemiDoc systems

Tapestation 4200

dd-PCR & qPCR

Biorad: QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

Biorad: QX600 Droplet Digital PCR System

Biorad: PCR C1000, S1000

ThermoFisher: Quantstudio 12K Flex RealTimePCR system

Quantstudio 12K Flex


Hamilton: Microlab Star Liquid Handlers

Sciclone: NGS workstations

Dispendix: iDOT liquid handler

Hamilton Microlab Star

Cell Culture & Histology

Arcturus Laser microdissection system

Roche: XCELLigence system

Roche Innovatis: Cedex cell counter

Thermo Scientific: Microtome Cryostar NX70

Microscopes: Light and Axiovert fluorescence

ThermoScientific Cryostar NX70




Covaris E220evolution DNA shearing

Covaris CryoPREP Extraction System


Agilent Tapestation

BioTek Synergy Plate Reader

UVP DigiDoc and ChemiDoc systems

Qubit 4 fluorometer


Hamilton Star Liquid Handlers

Sciclone NGS workstations

I.DOT liquid handler


Illumina NGS sequencers: MiSeq, NovaSeq, NovaSeq X+

Applied Biosystems: 3500XL Genetic Analyzer

Nanopore Sequencing (MinION and PromethION)

Nanostring GeoMx

10x Chromium

ddPCR and qPCR

Biorad QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

Biorad QX600 Droplet Digital PCR System

Biorad PCR C1000, S1000

Quantstudio 12K Flex RealTimePCR system


Arcturus Laser microdissection system

Roche XCELLigence system

NC-3000 cell counter


Microscopes: Light and Axiovert fluorescence

Internationally Accredited Quality

The department is accredited by DANAK/ILAC by the international laboratory standard DS/EN ISO 15189:2013 for medical examination - genetics.

A complete method list of accredited analyses can be found at DANAK's website.

MOMA participates in several external quality assessment schemes:  European Molecular Genetics Quality Networks (EMQN), Evidence-based Network for the Interpretation of Germline Mutant Alleles (ENIGMA) and Genomic Quality Assessment (GenQA).


Anita Roest

Med. technologist

Anne Mette H. Bech Sørensen

Laboratory technician

Anne Slotsdal

Med. technologist

Annette Hedegaard Nielsen

Laboratory technician

Benjammin Krlic

Laboratory assistant

Bente Devantié

Med. technologist

Birgitte Trolle

Med. technologist, Clinical supervisor

Camilla Valentin Langmach

Med. technologist

Charlotte Wils

Med. technologist

Christian Beck Grønkjær

Laboratory assistant

Gitte Glistrup

Med. technologist

Hanne Steen

Med. technologist

Helena Haahr

Laboratory technician

Jesper Boulund Kristensen

Med. technologist, Health and safety rep.

Karen Bihl

Med. technologist, Team coordinator, Clinical supervisor

Lisbet Kjeldsen

Med. technologist, Quality coordinator

Lone Hedegaard

Biomedical Laboratory Manager

Lotte Gernyx

Med. technologist, Team coordinator

Louise Heilskov

Med. technologist, Team coordinator

Margaret Gellet

Laboratory technician

Maria Engtoft Skjøtt

Med. technologist, Trade union rep.

Maria Hedegaard Rasmussen

Med. technologist

Marian Dyrberg Andersen

Laboratory technichian

Marianne Lysdahl

Med. technologist

Mette Leth Bjerre

Med. technologist

Monika Tusinska

Med. technologist, MSc

Pamela Celis

Laboratory technician, Team coordinator

Sandra Isaksen

Med. technologist

Sanne Marie Justesen

Med. technologist

Sara Rose Newell Jensen

Med. technologist, Clinical specialist, MSc