Study environment

The Department of Molecular Medicine offers a rich and diverse study environment regardless if you are an undergraduate, graduate, medical research year, trainee or a PhD student.

Modern facilities and broad expertise

You will find modern laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and spacious office desks with access to high performance computing, video equipment and - of course- good coffee!

You will encounter broad longstanding expertise in molecular research, bioinformatics, and scientifically inspiring discussions with fellow students and mentors. A relaxed, fun and scientifically diverse group of people describes the environment at MOMA.
We are intermixed between different projects and academic backgrounds to nurture discussion and scientific curiosity.

Research meetings

Our bi-weekly research meetings provide opportunities to present your project in front of other researchers and students as well as practice presenting in English and asking and answering questions. In addition, you will participate and present at weekly meetings and journal clubs together with the rest of your research group.

Rich social life

Of course, there is also room for chatting with the other students over a piece of cake at our weekly cake-club or a casual game of table football! Outside of work, we enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities, such as board game-evenings, running together, playing disc golf, going out for a drink, and lots of other stuff. See more at our “Social Life” page.

Study environment at moma