Bio- And Genome bank denmark

MOMA is the regional biobank center for blood in Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark (Regionernes Bio- og GenomBank, RBGB).

About RBGB

RBGB encompasses several disease specific biobanks. MOMA accommodates the Danish CancerBiobank, Danish Rheumatologic Biobank, Danish Covid-19 Biobank and Danish Research Biobank with multiple sclerosis and precocious puberty samples. The biobanks are national collaborations among hospital departments.

Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark collects biological  samples at biobank centers and local departments in all five Danish regions.

Regional Biobank Center for Blood at MOMA

Since 2010, MOMA has collected patient blood samples in RBGB in collaboration with clinical departments and departments of clinical biochemistry at Aarhus University Hospital and at local hospitals in Central Denmark Region.

The biobank center at MOMA coordinates the biobank tasks – contact with collecting departments and researchers and sampling, processing, registration, storage, retrieval, and distribution of blood samples.

Samples are stored at MOMA and at the collecting local hospitals.

Data on all samples are registered in the RBGB registry, a nationwide registration system used by all RBGB centers and departments.

Clinical and Research Use of Samples

RBGB is a clinical biobank. Samples are collected with the patient's signed consent to RBGB. Clinical samples can be used for the patient's own treatment and - with permission from a research ethics committee - for future research. 

RBGB also collects samples for approved research projects with up front informed consent together with the RBGB consent. Part of the clinical sample is then disclosed to the project’s research biobank, while another part remains in RBGB for future use.

Biobank Samples in Numbers

RBGB Biobank (2024)
Blood Samples
Danish CancerBiobank
Danish Rheumatologic Biobank
Danish Covid-19 Biobank
Danish Research Biobank
130 (sclerosis patients)
Danish Research Biobank
12 (precocious puberty patients)

Read more about RBGB at  rbgb.dk (Danish) and at Danish Regions’ page (English/Danish)


Charlotte Modin

Center Project Manager RBGB (blood), PhD, MSc