Oncology Precision Project AArhus


The Oncology Precision Medicine Project Aarhus (OPRA) is a cutting-edge research initiative focused on advancing cancer treatment through the use of precision medicine.

The project, starting in 2017, uses advanced genomic sequencing and bioinformatics technologies to analyse tumor and blood samples and identify the specific genetic and molecular abnormalities that drive each patient's cancer.
By analysing these unique characteristics, the project aims to develop individualised treatment plans for each patient that target the underlying mechanisms of the disease, improving efficacy and minimising side effects.

The project is based at Aarhus University Hospital and involves collaboration between clinicians, researchers, and industry partners to accelerate the translation of precision medicine into clinical practice.


Britt Elmedal Laursen

Consultant (Oncology and Clinical Pharmacology), MD, PhD

Internationally Accredited Quality

The department is accredited by DANAK/ILAC by the international laboratory standard DS/EN ISO 15189:2013 for medical examination - genetics.

A complete method list of accredited analyses can be found at DANAK's website.

MOMA participates in several external quality assessment schemes:  European Molecular Genetics Quality Networks (EMQN), Evidence-based Network for the Interpretation of Germline Mutant Alleles (ENIGMA) and Genomic Quality Assessment (GenQA).


Britt Elmedal Laursen

Consultant (Oncology and Clinical Pharmacology), MD, PhD

Britt Kidmose Ardal

Clinical academic, PhD, MSc

Casper Kierulf Lassen

Staff specialist (Clinical Pharmacology), MD, PhD

Christine Gaasdal Kassentoft

Clinical academic, MSc

Daniel Thaagaard Andreasen

Clinical bioinformatician, PhD, MSc

Henriette Sylvain Thomsen

Clinical academic, PhD, MSc

Jesper Boulund Kristensen

Med. technologist, Health and safety rep.

Kathe Thuesen Munk

Clinical academic, PhD, MSc

Michael Knudsen

Clinical bioinformatician, PhD, MSc

Monika Tusinska

Med. technologist, MSc

Pamela Celis

Laboratory technician, Team coordinator

Sara Konstantin Nissen

Clinical academic, PhD, MSc

Søren Brandt Poulsen

Clinical academic, PhD, MSc

Thomas Reinert

Clinical academic, PhD, MSc