About MOMA

The Department of Molecular Medicine (MOMA) is part of Aarhus University Hospital and associated with the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University

MOMA houses a close synergy between research, development and clinical activities. The department has a unique position in the form of an interface between Aarhus University (AU), Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) and the National Genome Center (NGC).

diagnostics services

MOMA holds a laboratory and core centers with specialised staff and equipment ready to solve internal and external tasks. We function as a diagnostic NGS core facility which i.a. includes analysis of hereditary and somatic cancer, hereditary heart disease and hereditary endocrine disorders.

MOMA serves as the National Center for Whole Genome Sequencing West under the Danish National Genome Center to complete sequencing of 60.000 genomes to contribute in the development of precision medicine to enable better patient diagnosis and treatment.


The department has for several years been at the forefront internationally with research within bladder, colorectal and prostate cancer, as well as the development of bioinformatics, which supports data processing both for research and diagnostic purposes. In addition, MOMA conducts research in targeted cancer treatment, kidney cancer and hereditary endocrine disease.


MOMA functions as an interdisciplinary hub with a wide range of expertise and specialties. The department holds large biobanks with samples collected over decades from patients with various clinical diagnose. These biobanks continue to form a unique basis for research of high clinical relevance and international attention.


Networks and close collaborations have been established around the utilization of genomic data in combination with other data sources, including CONNECT, aiming at improving disease treatment and prevention to benefit the individual patient. MOMA collaborates with leading laboratories worldwide, among these in multiple clinical translational studies.


Our committed staff counts more than 150 members, including six professors, consultants, doctors, clinical academics, molecular biologists, researchers, bioinformaticians, medical technologists and students.

Accreditation & Funding

MOMA has been accredited by DANAK/ILAC by the international laboratory standard DS/ENISO 15189:2013 for medical examination - genetics since 2012.

MOMA receives substantial research fundings from more than 50 funds including The Danish Cancer Society, The Innovation Fund Denmark , The Lundbeck Foundation, The Independent Research Fund Danmark, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Neye Foundation and many others.

Activities at MOMA


World-class cancer & medical research


Next-generation sequencing, variant classification and clinical reporting


Core Centers for NGS, cell-free DNA and Single-Cell, CONNECT and biobanks


NormFinder and other bioinformatic tools for cancer research

WGC West for NGC

Danish National Genome Center