NGS Core Center

Next Generation Sequencing service


MOMA NGS Core Center provides its users with next generation sequencing data using instruments from Illumina Inc. with market leader technologies.

All our services are offered as non-profit for research groups and clinical departments affiliated with Aarhus University or Aarhus University Hospital.

The Core Center was established in January 2012 by Aarhus University Hospital, The Faculty of Health at Aarhus University, and scientists at MOMA. Our team of highly trained personnel provides guidance and advice for sequencing projects.


Our fully equipped lab, including automation using liquid handling robots, support all common sequencing applications as well as the development of novel methodologies and protocols.

Data analysis

As per request, MOMA will perform the first level of bioinformatics data analysis (e.g data cleanup, mapping to reference genome, generation of gene count tables) by highly dedicated staff.
If support for subsequent downstream analysis is needed, we refer to our collaborators at CONNECT -  Center for Clinical and Genomic Data.

Publication Policy

The use of the services provided by the NGS Core Center in publications requires acknowledgement of the center.
A suggested acknowledgement is:
Library preparation / Next generation sequencing was performed by the NGS Core Center, Department of Molecular Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.


Please send your request by using the online form here:

If you have questions you can contact us Mondays to Fridays 8 AM - 2 PM by phone 40 32 8083 or send an e-mail to

nGS request desk

Send your request at


Johan Vad-Nielsen

Clinical academic, PhD, MSc

Short Read Sequencing

Kristian Alsbjerg Skipper

Clinical academic, PhD, MSc

Functional Analysis

Ebbe Norskov Bak

Clinical academic, PhD, MSc

Long Read Sequencing


In production

  • Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS)
  • Exome Sequencing (WES)
  • Targeted small panel sequencing (see gene lists of available panels)
  • Custom prepared ready-to-sequence pools/libraries
  • Amplicon/16S sequencing
  • RNA sequencing
  • Sanger sequencing / Fragment analysis
  • Cell free DNA Analyses (cf/ctDNA)
  • Long Read WGS with methylation (Nanopore)
  • Full length transcriptome (cDNA, Nanopore)
  • Shotgun metagenomics (microbiome)

Under development

  • Whole-Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS)
  • Genome-wide CRISPR screen sequencing
  • Single-cell sequencing (10x genomics)



Illumina NovaseqX+
Illumina NovaSeq 6000
Illumina MiSeq

Nanopore PromethION 24
Nanopore MinION

Please see for additional information on performance and specifications.

Quality Control

Agilent Tapestation 4200
Qubit 4
BioTek Synergy LX Platereaders
Lunatic Unchained Labs Dropsense

Library preparation

PerkinElmer Sciclone G3 NGS Hamilton NGS Star (automated liquid handling systems)
Covaris E220 Evolution
10x Genetics Chromium Controller


Applied Biosystems 3500 XL Series Genetic Analyzers


Please contact us for more information about our services and prices.

We will arrange a short meeting to discuss your project in detail. This will cover the approach, targeting, library preparation and data handling. Our scientists will assist you in identifying the design that fits your project best.

A customer contract including a time schedule is required before your samples can be processed.

After completion of the deep sequencing analyses, we will perform the initial data processing. The data will be handed over to you personally as agreed upon.

Typical workflow

Please, see the document Sample Requirements and Data Analysis for further details and send your request to our NGS Core Center Request Desk at


MOMA NGS Core Center has provided services to a number of different  institutions/departments.

Our references
  • Centre for Carbohydrate Recognition and Signalling, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University
  • Centre for mRNP Biogenesis and Metabolism, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University
  • Department of Rheumatology, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Department of Hematology, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Department of Clinical Microbiology, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Department of Infectious Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Department of Clinical Immunology, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Department of Pediatrics, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (ICMM), University of Copenhagen
  • Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University
  • Department of Clinical Genetics, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Department of Biology, Section for RNA and Computational Biology, University of Copenhagen
  • Department K, Bispebjerg Hospital